Using static lightmap from texture

Hello everyone!
Please help me understand.
How to load a 3D model with a static lightmap from the Blender?

I found this solution
But result looks very strange:

Sorry for delay in answering, I have this in my TODO.

We used lights backing with CGE in “Darkest Before the Dawn”, Darkest Before the Dawn | Castle Game Engine , that was an old mobile game targeting really old Android devices, and 100% of the light was just baked into textures in Blender. The game still can be compiled and works, though I want to refresh it, and show how to use light baking in CGE using latest Blender + glTF.


  1. yes, it absolutely should be possible (from CGE point of view, baked lights just mean we have a texture with them, and glTF should allow you to export it),
  2. I want to refresh our sample of it, and then update Blender | Creating Game Data | Castle Game Engine , with the answer to this exact question :slight_smile: To make the workflow “how to bake lights from Blender and use it with CGE” known.

I’ll post here when I’ve done it :slight_smile: