Wireframe view in editor, camera improvements: navigation under any transformation, zoom in Walk mode

Wireframe + Polygons view
Wireframe view
Regular (Polygons) view of new castle demo
  1. Use Viewport -> Wireframe mode menu, or just hit Alt+Z shortcut, to toggle between viewing:

    • Polygons,
    • Wireframe or
    • Polygons + Wireframe (internally known as weSolidWireframe).
  2. At design-time, in “Fly” mode, mouse scroll wheel now does zoom (if you don’t have right mouse button pressed; when right mouse button is pressed, it changes moving speed, as before).

    More details:

    Zoom (by mouse scroll wheel) is now available for all navigation modes, including TCastleWalkNavigation. Although it is disabled on TCastleWalkNavigation by default, but you can just enable it by MyWalkNavigation.ZoomEnabled := true (or clicking on ZoomEnabled checkbox in editor).

    Editor and view3dscene enable this zoom by default.

    Also, zoom-in now honors collision detection. Though at design-time we disable collision detection.

  3. We’ve done a few fixes to make TCastleWalkNavigation navigation, including mouse look, work even when the camera is a child of some other TCastleTransform with some transformation.

    This gives you more flexibility where do you place TCastleCamera in the transformation hierarchy.

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