Weighted mesh (skinned mesh animation) in Spine

Spine weighted mesh in view3dscene

We add support for a major Spine’s feature: weighted mesh. Spine is a great 2D animation software, and this feature allows to have use it for skinned animation. It was implemented by Trung Le (Kagamma) — thousand thanks!

See the demo movie:

The sample files are part of our demo models. Simply get this repository, and explore examples in spine/weighted_mesh subdirectory. You can open the JSON files using view3dscene or any other engine tool to view scenes.

Details (from the pull request):

  • Support for weighted mesh, by interpolating values between bone timelines.
  • Make weighted mesh work with deform timeline.

  • Additional frames for better transition, this will make animation more accurate in certain situation (rotation and non-linear interpolation types) in exchange for longer load time and more memory consumption.

  • Non-linear interpolation type (Bezier curve) for weighted mesh (both bone timeline and deform timeline).

  • Add deprecated warning to skinnedmesh attachment.


  • Due to the way we handle weighted mesh (by baking every transformations, including bones, into TCoordinateInterpolatorNode), we cannot have a mix of weighted mesh attachments and other types of attachment in the same slot.

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