Two cars - example game with placeholder graphics, to play and extend into your own

Two cars example game - editor

Since we had much talk on Monday about mobile development on our Discord, it is most suitable that I’m publishing today a toy we’ve made with my daughter this weekend in our Castle Game Engine 🙂

It’s a simple game we’ve designed for (and tested on) an Android tablet, but it is really a cross-platform toy, works on desktop or any mobile, any size.

The concept is simple: 2 cars, ride forward into infinity, avoiding the obstacles on the road. Deliberately with placeholder graphics and very basic logic — play with it, extend it, make it into your own toy! The README of the game summarizes the current features and possible extension ideas.

I actually have a bit modified private version, with my daughter we started to make our own graphics — some images are photos of real-life toys, some combine random things we found on the Internet. Consider the placeholder graphics in that project as an invitation to make your own experiments!

To get it, just download the latest version of the engine and open the example in examples/mobile/two_cars/ subdirectory.

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