TCastleTiledMap cannot render animations

I have encountered another troublesome issue.I see that TCastleTiledMapData.TFrame and TCastleTiledMapData.TAnimation have been loaded from the map, but they are not being used later on. I need this feature, otherwise creating things like swaying palm trees or waves on a beach would be very cumbersome. I would have to manually create a lot of TCastleScene instances to load spritesheets, which is daunting to think about.

Indeed, animating the Tiled tiles is not supported for now in TCastleTiledMap in a viewport (although it was supported in TCastleTiledMapControl, now deprecated).

Hmmm… should be easy to add (and still be optimal). Let me get back to you later this week :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your updates! Once this feature is completed, TTiledMap will be almost perfect (I haven’t used image layers/ellipse objects, but the supported rectangle objects are very useful).

Posting here for everyone to know: With many thanks to Freedomax on GitHub, we have a PR for this (including also other improvements): Making TCastleTiledMap support rendering animations. by Freedomax · Pull Request #445 · castle-engine/castle-engine · GitHub . I encourage everyone interested to watch it :slight_smile: