Summary of today meeting: things in-progress, upcoming planned features, next meeting

Upcoming physics as behaviors

Thank you all for today’s meeting!

I think it went good, my only regret is that we want to have more participants! To facilitate this, I’m immediately announcing the next meeting, 3 months from now. Reserve the date! 🙂 Join our Discord right now and click “I’m interested” on the “2nd Open Meeting for CGE Users and Developers“.


Things in progress:

  1. light-components branch by Michalis, with lights (point, spot, directional) as components that you can visually add/modify in CGE editor; also more flexibility where lights are cast and received; also Phong shading by default, and limit of lights per shape increased to 64.

  2. physics branch by Andrzej Kilijański, with colliders and rigid body components as behaviors, that you can add and adjust in CGE editor; also auto-size by default for colliders.

  3. Testing GitHub Actions as another CI tool, in addition to our existing Jenkins.

Next plans:

  1. Camera and navigation: a few inter-connected new features: 1. camera visible in viewport, 2. design-time and runtime camera and navigation separate, 3. navigate on right-click, like in other game engines (Unity, Unreal).

  2. fps_game – AI using behaviors. Setup whole FPS game in editor. light-components branch actually already has example design how it would look like.

  3. Publish CGE as a tool on Steam.

  4. Assign and override materials in CGE editor.

  5. CGE 7.0-alpha.2 release ASAP, CGE 7.0 in 2022!

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@Michalis Thanks for the meeting!
I think I saw snow through your window room, is that right?
I have not seen snow this and last Winter and now it’s already Spring again. :slight_smile:

I am new to Discord so during the meeting I was trying out some things but had no microphone. So I tried some typing but could not see an option for that in the meeting.
Anyway I will be better prepared next time (learn to properly use Discord first) and hope to show some progression on my game (Rescue Island) on next meeting. (I did not know I could share my screen so this was a “wow” option for me).

I share your regret of the number of participants. You are doing a lot of great work and should get more interest and feedback. Maybe the Steam thing will attract some more people.


Thanks for the good words. As for typing, you can just switch to #general channel on Discord at any time (your audio will stay connected to #open_meeting) and type there during meeting. I will see it:)

I hope we’ll have more participants on next meeting. I have to be better at promoting such events, so that more people know about it:)

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