Raspberry Pi 64-bit downloads officially available

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With big thanks to Simon Booth (Peardox), who provided the necessary machine to be mercilessly used by our Jenkins, our downloads now feature a ready binaries for Raspberry Pi 64-bit OSes.

This is a fully-functional and tested engine version. Get the engine, install FPC, and you’re ready to design and build games on your cool device!

To install FPC, you can install it from Raspberry Pi packages (sudo apt install fpc) or you can build FPC yourself. In the latter case, be sure to not use the latest stable version, 3.2.2, due to known issues. Instead, use 3.2.3 (fixes_3_2 branch of FPC) or latest FPC 3.3.1. You can build FPC yourself e.g. using fpcupdeluxe or a script like this.

The builds have been tested on Raspberry Pi version 4. They should support this or later Raspberry Pi OS versions, so they should be compatible with Raspberry Pi version 5 as well (though we have not yet been able to actually confirm it — give us a shout if you have Raspberry Pi OS 5 and have tested it!). The same goes for existing 32-bit Raspberry Pi engine downloads.

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