New sound features: alternative backends, new demo, aliases

play_sounds demo screenshot
  1. Our sound engine was refactored to support various backends. There are 3 backends available now:

    • OpenAL (full-featured, with spatial (3D) sound support),

    • SOX (only useful for testing β€” executes command-line sox to play files),

    • and Nintendo Switch sound backend (not open-source, only available for developers who signed an agreement with Nintendo).

  2. A new sound demo in examples/audio/play_sounds is available. This allows to test mixing multiple sounds in various formats at runtime.

  3. Sounds XML file now supports <alias> to create an alias for another sound, or for a group of sounds.

    The latter case allows to play a random sound from a configured set of sounds, without any extra code necessary. This makes it a nice feature for sound designers, that can edit the sounds XML file but probably don’t want to write actual Pascal code.

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