Need Help with Physics Weirdness

Hi everyone,

I didn’t do it for every single item of my project yet, still working on my game where you play as Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob in Toy Story 2,

But after I used a single Scene and not a Transform for my player character, because I was getting animations not imported properly for the legs and besides, the example used a Scene and not a Transform, so I figured just doing it that way would make my work easier,

I get that it walks on solid ground correctly for the inside of the treedome, but it treats the grass like it’s floating in mid air rather than playing the walking and standing on solid ground animations correctly.

I tried re-scaling the grass in the .glb file in Blender so that its scale was all uniform, as discussed in the last thread I asked for help in,

But unfortunately I still get the same weirdness. Does anyone know if it is perhaps because I didn’t scale everything uniformly yet, nor did I fix the textures, and that’s why the Third Person Navigation is still confused about what is solid ground versus what is thin air?

Thank you very much in advance.

The link to my Github with the project updated is: