Need help with importing Blender movies

Hello everyone,

For any kind of game I make, the specifics don’t matter,

I cannot seem to find a movie file that Blender 2.92 exports, like FFMpeg or AVI,

supported as a feature for importing an image,

So I did the sensible thing and Googled “how to import movie into castle game engine”,

but unfortunately I only got generic advice from the manual, about importing

scenes and transforms in general, and nothing about movie files in particular.

On top of this, I cannot find a movie transform explicitly, only an image transform in
the most recent version of the engine.

Does anybody know how to import FFMpeg and AVI movies into Castle Game Engine,

or is that simply not possible right now?


Sorry for answering with big delay (almost 2 months I see). And I know we are now in the middle of another active thread :slight_smile:

Anyhow, to answer question from this thread:

The TCastleImageTransform indeed can only handle static images for now.

There is underlying capability to load a movie into a texture. You can use an image sequence (“my_animation_@counter(1).png”) or even a real movie file (like AVI). But there are issues with it:

Bottom line:

Yes, this is how I work.
I use Fraps to capture a movie, then cut out parts and use VirtualDub to save the frames as png files and use them as sprite screen.
In this “movie” I use a sprite screen with 120 images to play a little animated sequence of a talking head, created with Crazytalk. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good both of you guys, but I decided to save on space to just use single still images with captions instead, because making a short spirte sheet won’t let me make a full on movie clip that lasts a couple of minutes, which is what I wanted because I am making a fan rip off of Toy Story 2 where you play as Sandy Cheeks instead, and in the original game there were movie clips playing before each level in most versions,

but then I also remembered in the N64 version you had still images with captions to save data cause of how limited the cartridge was, so I figured it would be smarter to do that instead if I want the games to be low end.