Mobile improvements: optimizations on Aarch64, texture compression fixes, GameAnalytics SDK updated

Retro Phone by Marek Picheta
“Phone booth” by YJ
  1. Long time ago, we had to disable optimizations with FPC on Aarch64 (64-bit Arm) as they were too unstable. But were happy to revert this 🙂 With FPC >= 3.2.2, optimizations on Aarch64 work flawlessly, and so we enable them. This affects Android, iOS and macOS Silicon targets.

    The optimizations will remain disabled if the build tool detects you’re using FPC 3.2.0 and compile to Aarch64. You will see appropriate warning about it in the output. For this reason, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest stable FPC, 3.2.2.

  2. Fix to usage of Compressonator on Linux: detect also lowercase compressonatorcli executable, following new Compressonator file naming in Linux.

  3. Fix to usage of PVRTexTool. We adjusted compression format names to follow latest naming from PVRTexTool Command Line Options.

  4. GameAnalytics SDK usage on Android upgraded to 6.2.6.

Continuing the recent trend of using “just a screenshot of CGE rendering some nice glTF model when I have no better idea for a news image” here are 2 renderings of phones. “Retro Phone” (Sketchfab) by Marek Picheta is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. “Phone booth” (Sketchfab) by YJ is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution as well.