ImageBackground node, Android SDK version bump to 28, Andrzej articles about monotonic clock on Android, FPC 3.3.1 updates

  1. We have implemented a new X3D node ImageBackground (see the documentation). It allows to define a background using a simple image, and may be useful to view3dscene users.

    Demos are inside demo-models: background/background_image.x3dv, background/background_image_partial.x3dv, background/background_image_animated.x3d .

    It is compatible with InstantReality.

    Note that programmers using Castle Game Engine have already more powerful ways of defining a background :), e.g. you can use TCastleSceneManager.Transparent := true and then place any UI control underneath the scene manager.

  2. We have updated the Android SDK API level to 28, following Google requirements. Along with it, various services on Android versions were bumped. Also our Docker image was updated to include the proper tools already downloaded.

    Thanks go to Andrzej Kilijański for doing this!

  3. More articles about Castle Game Engine are available at Andrzej Kilijański site. In particular read about:

  4. We have updated small bits in CGE code and build tool to account for the latest Free Pascal Compiler 3.3.1 behaviour (fixed iOS and Nintendo Switch using FPC linkXXX.res files, avoid a flood of warnings caused by new FPC “case” completeness analysis). Also FPC version inside our Docker image was updated.

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