How to tune the "walk navigation" component jump

So, finally I started to learn how to use CGE. Not the first time though, IIRC I tried it when it was version 4.something, much better now.

I’ve finished 4.1 Designing a 3D world (you see I’m in the beginning) and I was wondering how to improve jumping. I’ve tried to change MoveVerticalSpeed but it doesn’t work. I’ve also look in the documentation and I’ve not found nothing. I’ve found that the class has a few more properties that may affect the jump behaviour.

Is this the way to do it? I mean, should I set some property values by code in the Start method or something?

I know, I’m a beginner an there’s a lot of things to learn yet but I’m curious.

The jumping capabilities of TCastleWalkNavigation can be controlled using JumpXxx properties, see API docs on Castle Game Engine: CastleCameras: Class TCastleWalkNavigation , in particular:

Indeed the right way (right now) is to just set these properties from code, in your view Start method. They are not visible in CGE editor, in Object Inspector, because they may change soon – as we will adjust TCastleWalkNavigation to work using physics (see Physics | Manual | Castle Game Engine ), jumping will likely be more realistic and have a bit different properties to control it.

The above JumpXxx will at this point continue to work, but be deprecated.

But for today, they are the right way to control jumping :slight_smile:

I get it. Thanks. :slight_smile: