Fun with Sketchfab plugin in Blender, testing glTF performance

  • Sketchfab addon for Blender is lots of fun. You can search and download Sketchfab models straight into Blender and then export from Blender to glTF and open it in our engine. On the side you can see screenshots when I had some fun with it 🙂

    Thank you go to Blender Guru (Andrew Price) for mentioning this cool thing in his newsletter.

  • To test performance, I implemented a GltfForcePhongMaterials toggle. It’s somewhat internal now, in X3DLoadInternalGLTF unit, and I don’t know yet whether I will make it “official” (move it to non-internal unit). Toggling it to true will force glTF importing to use old Phong materials, which are uglier, but may be much faster than PBR materials (esp. when you use Phong lighting model with Gouraud shading).

    Time will show whether this will be useful. Anyway, you have the possibility to test it now. You can already use view3dscene from snapshots to toggle it (menu item View -> Load glTF materials as Phong (Faster, Requires Reload)).

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