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Let’s do a few posts about features that are planned in Castle Game Engine and should get you excited 🙂

The central document describing our plans is our roadmap.

Some highlights:

The roadmap document is where we’re consolidating a lot of plans. We deliberately do not want this page to be a never-ending long “wishlist” of things — instead, I want to keep tasks there “tangible”. So things there are:

  • Reasonably certain — yes, they will happen.

  • They are confirmed to be needed by users. We have talked about many of these features on forum, Discord or live at events where I presented CGE.

  • We have a confidence that they fit in the scope of CGE, which means we can envision a rough API and implementation for them, that fits nicely with the rest of CGE.

I (Michalis) have given a lot of thought into these plans. Remembering that we’re always constrained by time. It’s easy to come up with 100 new engine features, but the really difficult decision is what should be the first 2, or 5, or 10 — and for this we really look at a cross of “feature will be useful to users + interface (API) seems to fit CGE + implementation seems within reach”.

Note: Just as with all other news, but maybe with these “planned” posts especially, please consider yourself invited to post comments about what we write (on forum, Discord). Do you think a feature X is useful to your case? Or maybe on the contrary, X is not useful and you think it would drag away our resources from some other much higher-priority topic Y? Go ahead and tell us.

And also, remember that we count on community support on Patreon to actually make it happen. I have various ideas how to sponsor the engine, releasing and promoting Castle Game Engine 7.0 factors into it too, talking to companies comes too, but really everything is easier if we also get solid support on Patreon from you — the community of CGE users. So if you like what we do, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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