Debian talk about Castle Game Engine in 12h, watch Enes Geven game videos in the meantime :)

Escape from the Universe screen

Tomorrow (Sunday, 22 November) at 13:30 there will be a presentation about Castle Game Engine at MiniDebConf Online #2 (see schedule). Come and listen 🙂

Here’s a 37-teaser I made for it:

And in the meantime, watch pretty videos from Enes Geven — upcoming mobile game, using CGE:


Will this be available to watch after the event?

Will this be available to watch after the event?

Yes :slight_smile: Debian will put recorded talks online, I’ll post about it too.

Wonderful videos . congratulations Enes !

Someone posted the URL for the videos on Reddit. They are here.

Thanks for letting us know about this latest video. Each one I’ve seen has told me a little more about CGE and how it works.

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Indeed, direct link to CGE presentation is here . I know that Debian folks plan to put them on youtube/peertube too, so they’ll be easier to find/share, I’ll post news then.

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