Creating Debian Packages with Castle Game Engine build tool


Debian is a popular Linux distribution, also serving as a base for other Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu. You can now easily create a Debian package, .deb file, from any game!

  • From Castle Game Engine Editor use menu option Run -> Package Format -> Debian Package (DEB) and then Run -> Package.

  • Or use command-line build tool with --package-format=deb option. The full command may look like this:

    castle-engine package --package-format=deb --fast

To install the resulting package using command-line you can execute sudo apt install ./xxx.deb. Once installed, you can see it in all applications listing currently-installed packages (like Synaptic). You can remove the package using e.g. Synaptic or just sudo apt purge xxx.

While it will work out-of-the-box, to have a really good package you should make sure you filled some information in the project manifest:

  1. Be sure to specify the project author

  2. Specify an icon, in XPM or PNG formats.

  3. Specify sections, categories and comment to have the package and application look best.

This feature was mostly developed by Eugene Loza (thousand thanks!) with some additions from Michalis. It’s not a secret that we’re both using Debian OS as the main operating system and as such most of CGE was probably created on Debian or Debian-derivatives 🙂 So we’re very happy with this integration.

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