Configurable FPC and Lazarus location in the editor


The CGE editor now has a “Preferences” window where you can configure the location of FPC / Lazarus.

Basically, if you use the CGE editor, you no longer have to worry about adjusting your environment variables. No need to place FPC / Lazarus in $PATH anymore, and no need to define $CASTLE_ENGINE_PATH. This should make the editor more user-friendly — I’m aware that editing environment variables isn’t comfortable for everyone on all operating systems 🙂

The editor now also displays more prominently whether it detected FPC (and what version it detected), and the “Preferences” window includes a helpful text leading to Lazarus + FPC download. All this will hopefully lead to more straightforward experience for people new to Lazarus/FPC.

(The next step will be, one day, to bundle FPC/Lazarus with CGE editor… but it’s not something I want to attempt now, for nearest release. Especially since advanced users would like to have an “unbundled” download anyway, as you probably want more control over FPC/Lazaus version.)

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