CGE Sprite Editor

@michalis I watched your video this morning. Thanks for this. The video was better to follow than the previous ones as you spoke slower, typed slower and moved the mouse slower. :slight_smile:
The thing that really was new to me was the ability to drag files and drop them onto the screen. Great.
And the Alpha Bleed. Interesting, I will try this out.

Update: I just realised it was not presented by you but by Andrzej Kilijański.

I thought it would be interesting to start a topic on the Sprite Editor as I have used TexturePacker until now. I think CGE Sprite Editor can be improved and leaving TexturePacker in the shadow in time.

1.With the CGE the atlas width and height cannot be set different, which results in a very large atlas with a lot of unused space.
2.There is no trimming option of the images.
3. Lack of output color depth selecting (32 or 16 bit) and png compression values

I use different programs for making sprites. It would be great if from zero to finish it could be done with just a single application.
For me this would be:

  1. load a video file
  2. cut out part(s)
  3. set a transparant color
  4. edit colors
  5. saving the parts as png files or making them 1 sprite atlas
  6. make them sprite screens

I use:

  1. Fraps for video capturing
  2. Photopaint for cutting out parts of picture in avi file and selecting range of frames (in my experience there is a lack of paint programs that allow for loading and editing avi).
  3. VirtualDub for saving the resulting avi file as a range of png pictures
  4. Irfanview for editing files (edit and remove colors etc)
  5. Make sprite screens with Texturepacker

Indeed, that is Andrzej Kilijański in the video, not me. He has a calmer voice than my presentations :slight_smile:

I’m happy you like the video.

As for the sprite sheet editor: we’re aware of many features we could add it to this, and they will happen at some point :slight_smile: We even have a board with planned features on Sprite Sheet Editor · GitHub , and some more are still on Trello: Trello .

As for loading the video, see the other thread Make sprite sheet out of Avi file - #7 by michalis . Right now we don’t integrate loading the video in sprite sheet editor, as our current solution to videos is using ffmpeg on the command-line internally, which is not efficient for larger videos. So for now, this is not part of the sprite sheet editor – you have to use other application:

  • on the command-line, execute ffmpeg -i my.avi -y -qscale 1 -f image2 image%d.png,

  • or load the image and save to [email protected](1).png in examples/images_videos/simple_video_editor.lpr .

Of course this situation may be improved at some point to have proper support for videos across the board :slight_smile: This means better integration with ffmpeg, as a library – so it’s a bigger task, that needs to be prioritized versus other tasks we have. But it will surely happen at some point, I am watching how people are using CGE on forum and Discord :slight_smile: