Better ASTC texture compression tooling and formats

ASTC compression variants, from

Thanks to Eugene Loza we have an improved pipeline for compressing textures using ASTC (useful on modern Android and iOS versions). See Auto-generated compressed and scaled textures about GPU texture compression in general.


  • We can use astcenc tool and the .astc file format it generates for ASTC textures.

    See PR #321 for details.

  • We even package the astcenc tool within the Castle Game Engine. We can, as it is open-source. It’s available in our binary releases as well as GitHub Repo (tools/contrib/). So you don’t have to download/install anything to be able to compress textures using ASTC.

    See PR #351 for details.

  • Where to go from here? What more texture tools to “just bundle with CGE”? I started the thread on our forum. I think bundling AMD Compressonator with CGE is sensible.

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