Why is my download not making any progress and where is it not set well

  • Keep displaying this status to confirm that the url is accessible.
  • Test platform windows and android
  • Test demo examples\network\asynchronous_download\

We need more information, please.

  • First of all, do downloads of other URLs, example URLs asynchronous_download, work OK for you?

    • 'https://castle-engine.io/latest.zip',
    • 'https://castle-engine.io/modern_pascal_introduction.html',
    • 'https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page'
  • If the problem is specific to your URL,, please check it with other ways to download. Check downloading using Firefox. Check downloading using command-line wget or curl. Chances are, you made a mistake in URL, or http server configuration.

  • If it is possible to put your http server publicly, so that everyone can test, it will be appreciated.

  • What compiler and version do you use? I understand FPC (since you use Android), which version exactly?

Thank you, but I still need more detailed information to debug it. The example works flawlessly for me, I just tested on FPC with Windows:

… so I really need more information from your side to reproduce the problem and find it.

  • Run exactly the asynchronous_download example, unmodified.

  • Build it using CGE editor, to make sure you have proper DLLs for OpenSSL.

And more information, following the questions I asked above:

  • Must you use https only

Sorry for delay in response – I just admittedly cannot reproduce it on my side. Downloading works fine for me, on Windows, with FPC, with latest CGE.

  • Can you check do you have OpenSSL libraries in your project? They should be placed in the project directory automatically if you build using CGE editor (and if your project manifest contains <dependency name="Https" />, which it does for our example asynchronous_download). But please check they are there.

    Most things on the Internet now use https, so that’s why most tests go to it.

    But it may be unrelated to your trouble, as your load URL (http://192.168…) also fails for you.

  • Check do you have any anti-virus or router blocking downloading from our applications.

  • Check do you really experience exactly the same trouble on Android. The Android downloaded uses a very different code path, so it is surprising if you experience the same trouble on both devices.

  • If nothing helps, please record a video of your computer – as you build and run asynchronous_download (unmodified) and run it on your Windows. Maybe I will spot something.