URLSaveStream question Please come in

SaveStream: TStream;
I: Int32;
SaveStream := URLSaveStream(ApplicationConfig(‘mysave.bin’));
I := 666;
SaveStream.WriteBuffer(I, SizeOf(I));
finally FreeAndNil(SaveStream) end;

  • The above example shows an error on Android

That’s a bit weird, since ApplicationConfig shall never be castle-android-assets:.... It is initialized on Android to point to internal directory on Android where we can store files.

The castle-android-assets:..., which on Android equals ApplicationData and castle-data:/..., is indeed read-only.

Did you maybe customize the ApplicationConfigOverride to point to castle-data:/ or such? If yes → don’t do this, ApplicationConfigOverride has to be a URL that is writeable. If you didn’t, please submit a complete testcase to reproduce the problem.