Transformundermouse not working in scenes created in code?

Transformundermouse detection of scenes work okay when I create scenes in the editor but when I create scenes in code they seem not to be recognized. Do I need additional code to get this working?
(the scenes are displayed allright in the viewport).

There isn’t any internal difference between scenes created from code and created in editor. From code, you can set all the same properties as you can in editor, and then the scene is really exactly the same thing.

So, it should work…

I know I have already some other pending things related to our threads ( Convenient way to determine exact point under mouse - #18 by Carring ). But for this, I’d also have to see a testcase to reproduce the problem.

Ok. Here is a stripped down version of the code.
Moving the mouse pointer over the scenes created in the editor displays their scene name but not when the mouse pointer is moved over the 2 avatars created in code, their scene name is not showed.

Rescue (94.7 MB)

Any news on this and my other pending questions and testcases?