Third person camera

Hi, I’m trying to compile the Third_person_camera example but Lazarus raises the error class EOggVirbisMissingLibraryError (library to decode OggVorbis is not available).
I also tried to copy vorbisfile.dll, vorbis.dll, ogg.dll to the main application folder but I keep getting the same message.
Is it needed to set other parameters to access the library?
I am working in Windows 64bit and latest version of Lazarus (2.0.10)

First of all, you see the error because you run inside Lazarus debugger. You can just press “continue” and the application will continue to work, just without playing OggVorbis sound.

Copying the DLL files linked from to reside alongside the EXE should definitely work. But make sure that you copy proper versions of the DLL files. See the advise there:

Be sure to use the dll files corresponding to your target platform. For example, if you use FPC/Lazarus for 32-bits, then you make executable for 32-bits (by default), and you should use dll for 32-bits. Even if you work on a 64-bit Windows.

My best advise would be to compile using our or editor, then the DLLs (with proper architecture) are automatically placed alongside the EXE and you don’t need to do anything.

But make sure that you copy proper versions of the DLL files

True, sorry. :blush: