Strange FPS difference

I also found a problem, deprecated_to_upgrade\isometric_game this demo ,there are huge differences on different machines(the same code)

A Computer hardware configuration
IMac2019 CPU intel8500 Memory 40G GPU Intel UHD Graphics 630 + Radeon Pro 570X

B Computer hardware configuration
GTR6 CPU amd 5900HX Memory 32G GPU Integrated Graphics

Run deprecated_to_upgrade\isometric_game this demo(the same code), A had 60+FPS , B had 1200+FPS ,Why

A run other demo had 600+FPS, so A no limit 60FPS

Likely one has V-Sync turned on, the other not.

Please read Optimization and profiling | Manual | Castle Game Engine for various pointers how to interpret FPS values. It says

You will also need to turn off “vertical synchronization” of the GPU to achieve arbitrarily high FPS.

Thanks, I will check it carefully