Some free book about creating games

Hello, I found some free books about game design.


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Oh both nice, thank you! Added to TODO to read when I’ll finally get some time :slight_smile:

If others have more links in the similar theme (game design, level design) you’re welcome to post here. Maybe we can gather a small knowledge-base of stuff about designing games (not necessarily in CGE or Pascal).

From my side, I don’t really have any free resources, but one of important books I read was “Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design” by Scott Rogers. It was full of really “actionable” advise about how to go about when designing a good game.

Hi, may be it’s a good idea, create a new category in forum, called “resources” or some thing like that.
And inside of this category create other category, like ebooks, sprites, etc.

Where we can post some links to free resoures. And talk, or review about “non free resources”.



I created “Game Design” category, Game Design - Castle Game Engine Forum . This is both for posting resources and for general talk about “how to make games”. Let’s see how this works :slight_smile: