Sentence. 2D image in 3D


Add the function of opening images 2D extensions to PNG, BMP … as 3D objects, but with a very thin thickness. HTTPS://Castle-Engine.IO/manual_load_3d.php here I can only download 3D model, and I would like to 2D model with the extension. PNG

As well as for my project is very necessary.


ildus03, hi!

You cannot add an image directly to 3D world, as the image must be “rendered onto something” to be visible. 2D image is a “texture” and 3D object is a “shape/mesh” - those are two inherently different objects. You can mix 3D and 2D objects by creating a 3D Quad (this is exactly a “very thin thickness” shape).

Check this example: The only difference will be that you would need to load the image, not to render it from an existing 3D object.


As a demo, I implemented it :slight_smile: See the example code on in the section Example in Pascal (build a textured rectangle) .

This loads an image as a rectangle into TCastleScene.


Many thanks! You really helped!