Quake 3 map editor or Blender to create dungeons?

I would like to create several dungeons for an RPG using CGE and was wondering whether it is better to use a Quake 3 map editor or Blender for this.

I don’t have experience of either tool.

Definitely Blender. It is an open-source, maintained tool. And we support glTF exported by Blender fully. Exporting from Blender | Creating Game Data | Castle Game Engine


As long as you plan to try Dungeon Crawl Jam (I might not remember the name correctly :slight_smile: ) it would usually suggest procedural (random) map generation, as it’s one of the not always obligatory but still important features of the genre. This way your map would be generated by code and filled with assets made in Blender or other convenient 3D editor.

If you’re planning to make a “static map” which doesn’t change or only parts of which change - it can also be made in Blender, however, there are several bottlenecks to be aware of (and I’m not aware of those as I’ve usually been doing procedural generation :smiley: ) especially in case the map would become large and will contain a lot of assets.

I don’t think there is a quick way to import Quake 3 map currently. On the other hand GLTF format is read perfectly.

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@michalis : Thanks. I thought it might be better to learn one tool instead of two, but wondered if the extra level creation features of a Quake map editor would make the task quicker.

@eugeneloza : I am still hoping to try entering the Dungeon Crawler Jam, yes. Procedural generation would likely make things more complicated, so I hadn’t planned to try it.

I haven’t thought too far ahead yet, as I’m still not 100% sure which tools I will be using (although I’ve narrowed it down). The levels will likely be mostly static with a few moving parts, such as doors, levers and traps.

I envisioned creating levels out of reusable modular pieces, but I may also try other methods before the end of March.

The docs say that .MD3 (Quake 3) files are supported, although I haven’t tried to import any. I’ve heard that there are also importers available for Blender.

.MD3 is 3D model format, not map format. Quake 3 map editor export .BSP file which is not support by CGE. So your best bet is to either use blender, or make your own simple map editor for dungeon crawler.

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Thank you for clearing up the confusion. Importing Quake 3 models would be much less useful to me.

I think there might be .bsp importers available for Blender, but using one would likely become tedious.

At least I’ve narrowed down my options a little more.