My water mesh not affected by lighting?

I have a day night cycle, but my water layer looks the same no matter what the lighting, so at night it seems to glow. The leaves on my trees are also x3d nodes with a transparent texture and they are dark at night. But the water isn’t, despite setting the render options

   Texture := TImageTextureNode.Create;
   Shape.Appearance.Texture := Texture;
   Load(Root, true );
   CastShadows := false;
//   renderoptions.WireframeEffect := wesolidwireframe;
   renderoptions.WireframeColor := Vector3(0,0,0.5); := true;
   renderoptions.ReceiveGlobalLights := true;
   renderoptions.ReceiveSceneLights := true;
   renderoptions.linewidth := 1; 

What am I missing?

You need to assign a material to Shape.Appearance.Material, either TMaterialNode (Phong lighting model) or TPhysicalMaterialNode (physical-based lighting model, more modern, more advised, this is what all glTF models are using) to make surface affected by lighting.

By default Shape.Appearance.Material is nil which implies unlit white material. “Unlit” means here exactly “not affected by lighting”. There’s also TUnlitMaterialNode to do this explicitly, but you don’t want unlit, you want lit :slight_smile:

I realize my error. I was accidentally recreating the AppearanceNode, so my texture was replacing the appearancenode that had the material set. Now it works, and the snow looks better. Everything looks better.