LICENSE for using CGE in commercial application

We are creating Delphi Alexandria 11 Windows desktop application. We have the need to integrate 3D graphics into our application.
We have commercial license for Delphi Alexandria, but are we allowed to use Castle Game Engine in our application. What does it mean LGPL license? Wil Delphi do dynamic linking or static linking I do not know what is the difference?
Can you please explain in clear language, can we use this library or not as we intend to distribute application worldwide?
Thanks, GRSOFT

The overview of Castle Game Engine licensing is on License | Manual | Castle Game Engine .

We use “LGPL with static linking exception” which means that it doesn’t matter if you do static or dynamic linking (it’s up to you and you compiler how you link, both FPC and Delphi by default just link units statically). So you can a develop proprietary (closed-source) application that links with CGE.