Installation in Delphi 12.1

I am getting this error message.
How do I resolve this issue?

From the error message, it seems you have installed latest GLScene that includes the PasJSON unit in Delphi.

Looks like the latest download from GLScene - Browse /GLScene at includes PasJSON and PasGLTF from Benjamin Rosseaux . GLScene uses it to parse glTF, in unit GLS.FileGLTF.

Well, CGE does something similar, for a long time now :slight_smile: That is, Castle Game Engine also includes PasJSON and PasGLTF from Benjamin Rosseaux to read glTF underneath, as documented on glTF (model format) | Creating Game Data | Castle Game Engine . We put a lot of work to have great support for glTF (through we still want to do more, like skinning on GPU and morph targets).

How to resolve it?

  • Ideally, both CGE and GLScene should either rename their unis (to CastlePasGLTF / GlsPasGLTF) or we should use a common package for Bero work. As it happens, neither GLScene nor CGE were prepared for the case of conflict. I added to TODO to rename CGE units ASAP. It would be fair if GLScene did the same :slight_smile: If anyone here wants to let them know, please do.

  • For now, simply uninstall GLScene from your Delphi, and then CGE will work without issues. At this moment, this unit conflict means you can have either CGE or GLScene installed at Delphi at the same time, but not both.


Thanks a lot! It worked, but I did hope, that I could retain GLScene.

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Welcome Thomas. This is the guy I talked into trying CGE over GLScene for his traffic simulator. Michelis works fast… you probably won’t have to wait that long.

I will not win a medal for being fast this time :slight_smile:

This is just a note to say I have this on my TODO list, hopefully for this weekend. That is, I will rename CGE units from BeRo to not conflict with GLScene (some PasGLTFCastlePasGLTF etc.), and thus enable having both GLScene and CGE installed in Delphi.

I got very busy lately with CGE, and I spent last month doing a ton of tasks. As you will see in news, I have to switch to news-per-day for some time to unload all news we have. Still, I got buried in too-many-TODOs, everything takes time and some of the new features I’ll announce sparked more features :slight_smile:

So, have patience with me, and as always – ping if something becomes priority.