Input with gamepad

Hi, I bought a gamepad (Logitech F310) last week. I am able to control my game (rally) with it. I use the direct input and set up the keys I need in the game with the Logitech software “Launch Gaming Software Profiler”. The gamepad would also have the option of Xinput.

No, unfortunately XInput support is not implemented (yet). Back then when I was working with joysticks I didn’t know how to make support for it, now I feel ready to give it another try, but unfortunately didn’t get to it yet.

Note that you already can use joysticks in Castle Engine, however, bypassing XInput - and manually figuring out the axes and buttons. Though it’s not a sustainable solution as you’ll need to ask players to calibrate their joysticks to allow them to play.

We’ve been talking with @michalis to resume the work on joysticks support, and now it waits for me. The first step I see would be to offer an easy tool to calibrate joysticks by the end-player. I guess next step - Steam input support. And only after that XInput and other input system like edev. Unfortunately I can’t tell how soon I’ll be able to get to this task.

Note that if the test for joysticks database worked for you - you would be the first person for whom it worked without additional work needed on user side. And practically this was the reason to put this branch in a “pending” state for years, because it didn’t seem to offer any significant improvement of existing CastleJoysticks support. If you say that your gamepad works properly, then it means that it was not so deadend route after all :slight_smile: