I want to ask about the tcp network connection of Android. I want to use TIdTCPClient in indy10 for network connection. Is it feasible? There may be a problem with your current Android tcp

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  1. If the current TCP connection method on Android has issues, please report what they are exactly. What do you do, what do you experience. Show the code to reproduce the problem, show the recording if necessary.

    If the examples from examples/network/tcp_connection/ fail, please clarify how they fail for you.

    ( I understand this is about direct TCP connection, not higher-level HTTP(S) downloads. But in any case, if there’s a bug, please report where exactly is the problem. )

  2. That said, if you want to use Indy classes for connection directly, you can. You are not limited to networking built-in in CGE. As Network, downloading and using URLs | Manual | Castle Game Engine says, you can use any networking library with CGE.

  • Continuous sending of data under Android platform will directly cause the APP to blink back
  • For example:
    procedure TClient.Send (const AMessage: String);
  • A fake connection occurs when a new IP or address is connected immediately after the connection is closed
  • If the connection is successful, packets can be sent, but if the connection is successful (FClient.IsConnected), false is displayed
  • In all cases I used Indy10 TCP on IOS without any problems.
  • So I want to try to use the indy10 TCP connection directly under the Android platform so that it can solve many problems

Sorry, I see I didn’t follow on this.

I am not 100% clear how to reproduce the issue and how it exactly looks, from your last post. If this is still relevant, please submit a testcase – a project I can compile and execute on Android. Preferably something minimal, minimal modification of client/server from examples/network/tcp_connection/ would here make sense.