I don't have TCastleControl

Linux Mint / Lazarus 2.0 / CastleGameEngine 6.4

Tab Castle no component TCastleControl. What to do?

You probably did not install castle_components.lpk package, but one of the other castle_xxx.lpk packages. Follow the “Getting started”
instructions on https://castle-engine.io/documentation.php exactly and you should see the TCastleControl.

P.S. You can also install new Castle Game Engine 6.5 from https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-engine/releases/tag/v6.5-snapshot . There were many changes, and the components visible on the tab are different… but in all cases (CGE 6.4 and CGE 6.5) you should definitely see a TCastleControl on the tab, if you install in Lazarus castle_components.lpk.

castle_components.lpk is installed.


I can see TCastleControl icon on your Lazarus screenshot :slight_smile: It’s this one: tcastlecontrol

P.S. I’m working heavily on next CGE version, 6.5, that has somewhat different (less, but more useful) icons on Lazarus component palette. I would advice to use CGE 6.5 from https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-engine/releases/tag/snapshot . I’m working on making it prominently visible on the front page as we speak :slight_smile:

Oh no… Where I looked? Thanks for helping me!