I created a video game


Eight months ago I announced that I was going to make a video game
and here I am again with the game. :slight_smile:

the games will be available soon on steam I give it to you for free

the game trailer :


The summary of the game:

Koda Kiyomori’s Guardian is a 3D / Adventure platform game in Japanese folklore with a poetic / dreamlike dimension.
You play as Koda, a tanuki (not to be confused with a raccoon!) Guardian of the Kiyomori Forest.
The forest is divided into 4 large distinct areas protected by divine Entities.
There is an area of forest, one composed of waterfall, a third is located in ruins and the last inside a temple.
After a terrible event, the forest is found corrupted and infested with Yokais, demonic spirits!
Koda will have to muster all her courage and use her abilities to overcome the obstacles that stand in her way.
He will also have to face and absorb the Yokai to free the Entities and purify the forest!


The links to download the game:

Thanks to everyone who will test my game, I created it with my heart.

Thank you! However… what technology did you use to create your game? It doesn’t seem you used Castle Game Engine or even FPC?

Your rar file only contains 1 exe file. I only briefly looked at your exe now (not running it, as I’m on Linux now, so just looking at exe in the editor) and it doesn’t seem to use Castle Game Engine or even Pascal or FPC. It is a node.js application packed with Electron, is that right?

As such, it is a bit off-topic on this forum. I do appreciate you sharing it nonetheless, although I advise everyone to validate the exe with your favourite anti-virus software, just as you should always do with everything you download on Windows :slight_smile:

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