Error building Castle Game Engine on Raspberry Pi

So I follow this post by michalis to build CGE on my Raspberry Pi
I install fpc, get the CGE source code, and when I build the CGE build tool I get this error :

Is there any suggestion to fix this problem? Thanks in advance

The build tool compilation script is a little special, it assumes that the current directory when you run the script is inside the CGE root, or inside CGE tools/build-tool/.

So you need to call

cd /home/pi/Programs/castle-engine-snapshot/tools/build-tool/

I updated to say it more explicitly.

Note that afterwards you can set the environment variables (PATH and CASTLE_ENGINE_PATH) as described on , and you will be able to use castle-engine compile ... in any directory.

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P.S. Nice to see interest around Raspberry Pi :slight_smile: I’m writing this from Raspberry Pi (I’m now using it as a low-cost desktop computer at home) :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, and yesssss I love the Raspberry Pi :smile: