'Driving' on terrain to make roads

I added the physics model. It pushes the vehicle at 2 units per second regardless of terrain. The wheels don’t move, so turning is caused by whatever friction dynamic with the terrain. It meanders around, leaving a track that is highly random, but remarkably works with the terrain sorta realistically. Suddenly I wonder if I am making a city sim or something else. This is cool.


Looks very cool.

One of the best things about making the engine is to see what people do with it :slight_smile:

Please keep sharing your progress. You can also post on YouTube, I’ll be happy to reshare it then on our news Castle Game Engine – Open-Source 3D and 2D Game Engine :slight_smile:

This is really cool. I like the driving car. Is this done with the standard physics in CGE?

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Yes, cge physics. It would work better if I had rotating wheels. … ie low friction forward backward, high friction left/right. I now have them able to drive to a point offroad. Next step is to get them to drive onroad using the same mechanism. I also have a bunch of vehicle with different masses now. I need to get back to it, summer has me distracted.