Double click inside CGE Editor

With CastleControlBase there was an event called OnDblClick. Is there already a function ready to intercept the double click even when you are working in the Editor or you need to write your own routine?
At the moment I am following the demo proposed in the manual (Designing user interface and handling events (press, update) within the state) and expanding the code to become familiar with the Editor. My intent would be to move and rotate the plane towards a certain direction with a click (done) but also to double the speed of movement with a double click.

TCastleControlBase still has the OnDblClick, this is implemented by LCL actually.

We don’t have a “double click” events in CGE so far, neither on TCastleWindowBase or TCastleUserInterface and descendants. You’d have to implement it yourself – watching for another mouse press, and if it occurs at a close position and within a close time duration, qualify it as a double click (or double tap on mobile, same code should be able to detect both).

For anyone who finds this thread by a web search:

We did talk about the double-click in thread Demo mountains (for beginners) too , and one way how you can do this yourself is demonstrated in Simple code detecting double-click in CGE · GitHub .