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Excuse me, can you provide a tutorial for compiling pictures for the Android platform?
According to the text tutorial on the website, I failed to achieve it.

Can you please explain in a bit more detail what exactly didn’t work? What you tried and what went wrong? What exactly do you mean by “compiling pictures for the Android”?


我的PC电脑是 win8.1.
可能因为网络或其他问题,无法使用 fpcupdeluxe构建 FPC,Lazarus和cross-compiler.


castle-engine package --target=android --fast --mode=debug

Yes, you can try doing it through Docker: Docker | Castle Game Engine - this way you get a ready Debian OS with all dependencies in place and properly configured.

@luxuluxu The error message you show on the screenshot says that you miss ppcarm, a cross-compiler to Android. You need to install it, following the instructions.

“due to network or other issues” – please be more specific about how fpcupdeluxe fails. If you show us the output of fpcupdeluxe, how it fails, we can help. You can also submit a bugreport to fpcupdeluxe, it has a very active maintainer – Issues · LongDirtyAnimAlf/fpcupdeluxe · GitHub .

As @eugeneloza said, you can also use an alternative Docker from Docker | Castle Game Engine .

Also, please write in English on this forum. If you cannot, use Google Translator. This will make it easier to everyone to read and reply :slight_smile: Thanks!

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