City builder direction

10 points if you can guess what I want my city builder to be like…


Yes… dynamic… so if you build a road by a river it could flood. 4/6 specific vehicles in the scene above from a specific movie, and the little screen on the right would also be a clue. So, yes, fantastical in a dystopian way.

I’m afraid that smisteve, that engaged in this thread, was almost for sure a bot posting with AI (like ChatGPT)-generated text, aiming to circumvent Discourse anti-spam rules by first gaining reputation. A few flags pointed to it, both publicly-visible and things I saw as moderator.

I have blocked the user now and hidden his posts.

On the off chance that I’m wrong (which is always possible in such cases, I apologize in advance if that happened): smisteve, just contact me privately. You can find various ways to contact me through Discord, forum, GitHub and Patreon | Castle Game Engine or , I’ll be sure to reinstate your account.

Oh, bummer. It did seem like his posts were very unspecific.