CastleControlBase and Scrollbox

One question, from inside Lazarus I load a spritesheet and set the various parameters (frame count, columns etc) to display the animation in a TCastleControlBase. I was wondering how to get scrollbars if possible. If the image is bigger than TCastleControlBase it is obviously not displayed completely but it is not possible to obtain scrollbars? I found a workaround (visible in my application available on GitHub) but I don’t like it. Is there any other solution?

Unfortunately I didn’t look through your application thoroughly, but of what I saw, you’re using TDrawableImage.Draw and TSprite.Draw, right? In this situation on one hand it’ll be quite trivial, on the other - will require a simple workaround:

In this case I’d have made 2 scrollbars and in CastleControl1Render I’d made something like:

ImageX := (CastleControl1.Width div 2) - (MainImage.Width div 2) - FloatSliderX.Value * FloatSliderXScale;
ImageY := CastleControl1.Height div 2 - MainImage.Height div 2 - FloatSliderY.Value * FloatSliderYScale;
MainImage.Draw(ImageX, ImageY);

However, we’ll have to make this manipulation for every image on the stage, so, it might be reasonable to “cache” something like ShiftY := FloatSliderY.Value * FloatSliderYScale and subtract it at every Draw call.

I don’t see any alternative solution right away, as TCastleScrollView adds only vertical scrollbar, so it won’t do the job out of the box.

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Within CGE control, we only have a vertical scrollbar for now, by TCastleScrollView or TCastleScrollViewManual. You can place TCastleViewport inside TCastleScrollView.ClientArea and this way have a vertical scrollbar.

If you use LCL, it may be easier to use LCL scrollbar.

  • As Eugene shows you can use LCL scrollbars to influence the drawing position of something inside the control.

  • Another approach, if you just want to put a scrollbar around whole TCastleControlBase, is to just put it in TScrollBox. This is trivial and works OK in my test – attaching a source + screenshot. I assigned a trivial OnRender callback to prove that I’m actually scrolling the control content. (126.9 KB)

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You are right as always.
I was making a mistake. TCastleControlBase was set to Align = alClient. I set two options through a TRadioGroup, Fit image and Original size. Unfortunately in the second option I assigned the size to TCasteControlBase without setting Align to alNone. Sorry.