Can't build after a little time away

I have been working on another project in Delphi, but now getting back to my project in Lazarus and it isn’t building. I have pulled the latest CGE from github. It is stopping in on line 27 with “Error: Duplicate identifier PT”. Where it says PT = ^T. I am not sure what would have gone wrong. My code hasn’t changed and I don’t think anything else has changed. Could this come from using CGE with both Delphi and Lazarus?

It looks like I managed to have two different version of the cge package installed. I am not sure what I did, but that was the problem.

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Indeed, that line of CGE code from your screenshot was fixed (due to new stricter FPC requirements) in 2018, see Fix compilation with FPC 3.1.1 from 2018/03/09 · castle-engine/castle-engine@bfc794e · GitHub . You had really old CGE version lying around.

Looking at screenshot, it is in c:\users\...\lazarus\onlinepackagemanager\... . These are the packages from Lazarus “Online Package Manager”, they seem to refer to latest CGE “stable” 6.4 ( ) which at this point is really ancient.

So, it comes down to my fault, for still not releasing the next CGE stable 7.0. It takes me way too long. In the meantime, I should ping someone to update them (to 7.0-alpha.2 or maybe soon 7.0-alpha.3), since the 6.4 version isn’t really sensible anymore.

Not sure how the old one got into play but it is working now at 6.92. I think I messed things up trying to compile the cge editor to get it to work with tif (and failed to succeed because I guess it was the ancient one).