Cannot fund unit files for Objects

Lazarus 2.2.6 on windows 10 running well
I have TPanel that I want to build an object from
cannot find the correct unit file of TPanel

Would like a list of unit file - Object relationships please

J Lex Dean

For this type of clarification I recommend you visit The forum is very active and you can find a lot of information on programming in general.

It seems impossible to re-register for me onto the form
as I had a good re-pall with the communication with the management of the forum, just the software they use

it would be good to have a list of unit files linked to screen objects from some where.
The lazrauis team they got heaps to adjust that they have not Got a help system like a separate teem could help them out

Some ways to find a unit of given component:

  • Hover mouse over the component icon in the palette in Lazarus IDE. The tooltip shows the unit of that component.

  • Add the component to a form, then Ctrl + Click on the component’s class to jump to unit of that component.

But as said above, it’s best to ask strictly Lazarus-related questions (that do not have any connection to Castle Game Engine) on Lazarus forums or mailing list. Your answer why you cannot do this is not clear to me. If the Lazarus forum is for some reason hard to use in your case, use Lazarus mailing list. This is a forum about Castle Game Engine – while we don’t mind answering Lazarus questions, esp. if they have any sort of connection to CGE, but we are just not the best place to give knowledge about Lazarus LCL. And Lazarus devs are also not here, so whatever feedback about Lazarus you post here – it will not reach the people developing Lazarus who can actually address it.