Affichage d'objet et suppresion

Bonjour ,
pouvez vous m aider en vrml ?
mon probleme est simple et vous etes peut etre un des seula pouvoir m aider
, je desire afficher 5 objets, nommé proto(1) à proto(5), et apres, je sesire retiré du monde le proto 4 comment faire tres simple,
merci !!


Please try to use English on this forum – even if it’s not your native language (for most of us here, it’s not our native language, so don’t worry about being super-correct :slight_smile: ).

Translating your message:

Good morning ,
can you help me with vrml?
My problem is simple and you may be one of the only ones who can help me.
, I want to display 5 objects, named proto(1) to proto(5), and after, I want to remove the proto 4 from the world how to do it very simple,

Please clarify where you want to do it / how.

Do you want to do it from Pascal? Write a 3D browser and then remove a particular shape node from X3D (see Scene graph (X3D) | Castle Game Engine , how one can manipulate X3D nodes from Pascal).

Or do you want to just do it in view3dscene? In which case you want to add some sensor that makes unwanted object disappear. You can make portions of VRML graph disappear by changing VRML Switch.whichChoice field. Or toggling new X3D 4.0 field Shape.visible.

( I am assuming here you’re fine with using actually X3D; if there’s a reason why you need to stick VRML, please specify that, and whether it is VRML 1.0 or VRML 2.0; basically, X3D is the new incarnation of VRML, very compatible with VRML 2.0, so for all new things I would advise to use X3D. )

I’m also not clear (maybe this was lost in translation) what is the action you want to provoke the object to disappear. Do you want to just disappear it after e.g. 1 second delay? Or disappear it when user gets close to it?

I hope these questions are useful :slight_smile: We need more information to help you better :slight_smile:

hello, no problem for english,
but my english is very bad and poor

do you know a world called evoluta? (2004/2009)
I am one of the co-creators, I created the php code

today, I switched to vrml2 (x3d in training)

But I have a problem
in x3d (or vrml2), javscript is the same code (i use x_ite to watch the world)
I want to make a multi-user world, I know how to display avatars, but not remove them

lots of avatars, that’s a problem :slight_smile: ^^

It sounds interesting. This is still too little information though for me to exactly help :slight_smile:

But it does sound like may also get better help at X_ITE, esp. as it relates using JavaScript with VRML/X3D (which we don’t support in CGE). Follow Getting Started | X_ITE X3D Browser , you can e.g. go to their GitHub to submit issues ( Report a Bug or Ask a Question | X_ITE X3D Browser or sponsor and talk on Patreon ( X_ITE | X3D Browser | Patreon ).