Adding and sorting sprite

To practice I’m editing the Dragon_Spine sample file.
I replaced the background image by editing background.x3dv and eliminated the additional items.
What I’m unsuccessfully trying to do is add a sprite cut from the background image to the scene by setting it in front of Dragon.
Dragon’s Z axis has a value of 400 but whatever value I assign to the sprite (png file) it always stays behind the dragon.
What path should I follow?

I suspect you use blending. Because of the way blending works, the order of Viewport.Items is important, not only the Z value, to see the correct order in case of 2D games with blending. Simply call Viewport.Items.SortBackToFront2D; after adding new item to Viewport.Items (or changing Z value of some existing item).

If this doesn’t help, I would need to see the example code + data to help precisely.

Yes, that was it. Thank’s.