Setting Scene coordinates - part 2

Translation (44.9 MB)

I tried out many viewport settings and I almost get the full background picture (2560 x 1440 pixels) now, except there are black spaces left and right when I maximise the window. So how can I get the exact full width of the picture in the viewport?

When I move the mouse scene to 0,0 it is left bottom of the screen, but how can I get the playertransform also there to 0,0 in code? It is now centered in the image with translation 0,0 but I want it to 0,0 left bottom of the viewport.

See attachment. It is an update of the previous one.

Sorry for the delay in addressing this.

As I understand, the things you ask here are now resolved in our newer thread: Coordinates again .

  • I show there how to align image to the center or to the left-bottom.

  • I answer there what to do with left / right black margin. (it appears because your image is more panoramic than your window, so we either have to show black margins, or cut off some window part; you can do the latter by setting Viewport.Camera.Orthographic.Width).