Need Help Making Collision with Ground Work Correctly


Now that that is clarified, I need help understanding in the code, how to access Sandy’s Transform to set the location of the vertices precisely at where I want them, to match the direction of them, because by default it won’t recognize SandyTransform because I didn’t define it.

I know in other examples I find, you do it like this:

procedure TEnemy.TakeDamageFromBullet(const Bullet: TCastleTransform);
  Bullet.Exists := false;

  Dead := true;
  RBody.Exists := false;

Where the important detail is specifying the thing you want to access from the scene, in parenthesis next to the function name.

However, I believe in this case that won’t work, because the RenderUnlitMesh procedures are pre-designed in a very specific way, as we went over earlier, and so it will most likely not work as the same function but rather be treated as something foreign/unknown, if I specify parameters for the CreateMesh function.

Is the solution perhaps to have another function nested inside, that I can define as my own/custom?