Antialiasing in TCastleControl on Delphi VCL Form?

Hello, is there any option to enable antialiasing on TCastleControl placed in VCL form? I know there is for TCastleWindow, but havent found any for TCastleControl.

Set MyCastleControl.Container.Requirements.MultiSampling to a value > 1 to have anti-aliasing. Try values like 2, 4 – these should be supported by most modern GPUs.

Here are some helpful screenshots – where to find it in Delphi, and a proof that it actually works :slight_smile: I tested on our examples/delphi/vcl, our “3D” test there contains a perfect line to demonstrate this – it is visibly “jagged” without anti-aliasing.

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Yes, it worked, I was not really able to find that option somehow, thank you.

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