OnScreenMenu properties


How can I:

  • automatically center an OnScreenMenu on my window (backgroundpicture) or
  • make it fill the whole window, and
  • keep it partially transparant so my background picture is shown through it.


TCastleOnScreenMenu is regular UI control (descendant of TCastleUserInterface), so you can center it as other UI controls (see https://castle-engine.io/manual_2d_user_interface.php ):


It should be automatically transparent by default, so the background picture is visible underneath.

Note that you can also do it visually, using CGE editor. Just use TCastleVerticalGroup with a number of TCastleButton inside. You can style the buttons in a lot of ways (see e.g. examples/component_gallery/ for demo) so you can achieve any look this way.

TCastleOnScreenMenu is not (yet?) available in the CGE editor because TCastleVerticalGroup + a bunch of TCastleButton works equally well in practice, and is easier to customize look.