Hi all ~

I would like to set up a new display system for multi–projector environments:
For example we have 8 projectors in and 16 DISPLAYS (for stereo)
in a specific geometric arrangement (10x10x10 cube) ; blending happens in hardware.

We have ART tracking
and currently send head and wand data into InstantPlayer with a C++ bridge using vrpn I believe

I am looking for guidance and resources on how to do this.

Our institution can help fund this if we can get the sweet spot

Hello Nicholas!

There are a few things here:

  • To display the same scene on various monitors – CGE can already do this (one can use a few TCastleViewport instances, maybe in a few TCastleWindowBase instances, to display the same 3D world from various cameras).

  • For stereo rendering: actually the same answer :slight_smile:

  • For ART tracking: I’d need to know the exact protocol / API that you’re using. Regardless, it is something we can implement – but we need to know the details. Your description tells me the data is sent over a network. If this is a standardized protocol, then surely we can implement an application in CGE that listens to it.

So all of this seems very possible :slight_smile: It’s a matter of knowing the details. I can guide a developer to do this.

If you want to fund this, and get a ready application, and sponsor CGE development this way – this is an option too. I’m happy to talk about it. (you can write to me, [email protected], and we can figure out the details in a Zoom/GoogleMeet/Skype etc. talk).

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